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Town of Stratford | PACE Legislation to help Municipalities Combat Climate Change in PEI

January 7, 2021 

PEI has the most ambitious climate plans in Canada and aims to be carbon neutral by 2040. A key part of that effort is enabling “at scale” sustainable efficiency and renewable energy financing via PACE. The Province recently enacted legislation to further support PACE on PEI.  We are excited to be working with both the Town of Stratford and City of Charlottetown (and other communities) to roll out PACE programming in 2021.  

“Our goal is to support residents in accessing the excellent rebate programs at efficiencyPEI by providing low-interest financing or grants through the PACE program, removing the financial barriers associated with the upfront costs of investing in energy retrofits and renewable energy,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “We couldn’t pursue this in earnest without legislative changes and we thank our provincial partners for their leadership and assistance in moving this initiative forward.” 

Julian Boyle, President of PACE Atlantic adds, “Sustainable financing tools like PACE are critical in accelerating carbon reductions. I think it is becoming obvious 2021 is the year of climate finance, and it is really exciting to be helping communities act on their carbon reduction targets, while also saving money for residents and creating jobs.” 

Link to City media release: 


Media Contacts: 

Julian Boyle, P.Eng. 

President, PACE Atlantic CIC 


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Doug Dumais  

Community Engagement Assistant  

City of Charlottetown  


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Wendy Watts  

Community & Business Engagement Manager  

Town of Stratford  


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