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Switch MOPC Lowers Interest Rates on Green Energy Financing!

Switch MOPC has lowered interest rates!

The Switch Municipality of Pictou County program has announced a reduction in interest rates for its green energy financing options, effective immediately. This initiative is designed to make sustainable home improvements more affordable for MOPC residents.

The new interest rate of 7.9%, down from 8.75%, applies to all qualifying green energy projects, including solar panel installations, heat pumps, improved home insulation, and much more. This reduction aims to assist Pictou County homeowners in upgrading their properties while benefiting from lower energy costs.

This rate reduction is part of the Municipality’s broader effort to support community and environmental well-being through sustainable development. For additional details or inquiries, residents can contact Switch MOPC directly at (902) 334-4227 or via email at [email protected].

Residents interested in the program can also learn more about available financing options and application processes by attending our upcoming homeowner information session scheduled for June 6th, at the Little Harbour Community Centre. You can get your free tickets by visiting the Switch MOPC website at www.switchmopc.ca.